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Konica Minolta Tracks Key Metrics with inContact

Konica Minolta Tracks Key Metrics with inContact


Konica Minolta’s innovative imaging products range from printers to optical devices to ultrasound technology. Ed Hoyer, Director of National Customer Support, explains their responsibility of tying these multi-functional hardware products to the right software. inContact provides the flexibility they need as a technology company by offering contact center tools they didn’t have access to before. With inView™ Customer Dashboards they can aggregate data from multiple sources such as their CRM, inContact ACD/IVR, and more. The team also uses Supervisor On-The-Go™, a mobile application for the iPad that allows managers to monitor and direct agents while away from their desk. Real-time reporting and controls allow monitoring of queue data and SLA adherence. With these solutions, they can now quickly take action, such as adding or removing agents from a queue.

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