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Overview ECHO™ Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Multiple customer satisfaction survey options
  • Offer surveys to customers immediately after a call ends
  • Accurately measure customer retention
  • Use customer survey feedback to coach agents or give them kudos
  • Summarize and analyze feedback with reports

Ensure high customer satisfaction by gathering callers’ feedback immediately after calls end with survey results from inContact Customer Survey Solutions. Gather real-time comments with customer satisfaction surveys while the call is still fresh in the customer’s mind and get invaluable information about your agents’ performance and your processes. Use reports that summarize the feedback to pinpoint additional areas for improvement.

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  • inContact offers solutions with multiple delivery options including email, chat, and IVR

    Survey your customers using the method that works best for you and them. Send an email immediately after a call ends or use IVR, to gather feedback. It’s easy to get started with a customer service survey no matter which communication method you choose.

  • Offer customer satisfaction surveys immediately after a call ends

    Timing is everything, so ask your callers for comments immediately after a call ends while it’s still fresh in their minds. Not only does this help customers feel valued, it also provides useful information for agents, who get quick feedback on their performance.

  • Accurately measure First Call Resolution

    Understand if your customers’ calls are being resolved on the first try or if subsequent communications are needed. By measuring First Call Resolution from your customers’ perspective, you’ll understand if you’re meeting, exceeding or not quite satisfying customer expectations. Use this information to evaluate your company’s processes and perfect your customers’ service experience.

  • Use feedback to coach agents or give them kudos

    The feedback gathered from each customer service survey provides valuable information to your company. You can use caller feedback to coach agents on areas of improvement or to give them a pat on the back. Customer satisfaction surveys yield data that is crucial to coaching and guiding your agents’ interactions.

  • Use inContact’s Customer Feedback survey solutions to summarize and analyze feedback

    There’s no laborious digging through data to analyze your customer feedback responses. Our pre-built reports help you quickly understand what you’re doing well and areas that need improvement. You can also customize reports to fit your organization’s unique requirements. By targeting essential information from customer service surveys, your company can better direct and improve important processes.

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