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Overview Workforce Optimization

  • Analyze customer interactions with Quality Management
  • Use call data to create schedules and enhance visibility
  • Use Workforce Optimization Software to target and improve KPIs
  • Discover root cause of customer and employee behavior
  • Address skill deficiencies and ensure consistent coaching

Want to serve customers better and more cost effectively while getting valuable information about every interaction? Workforce optimization gives your company new visibility into the customer experience so you can track KPIs, reach goals and fix what’s not working. You can also optimize workforce scheduling and evaluate agent performance.

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  • Workforce Optimization captures and analyzes customer interactions

    Analyze your agents’ performance in interacting with customers by capturing their voice conversations, email, web chat sessions, and more. This information is essential to evaluate customer satisfaction and improve employee performance.

  • Create optimal schedules for your call center

    Our workforce optimization software saves time spent manually scheduling staff by automatically creating agent schedules that account for work preferences, skill levels, and forecasted call volumes. Our workforce optimization solutions give you the ability to produce optimal shift schedules depending on the demand of your customers and time of year. In addition, the software platform allows staff to manage their own schedules without impacting service levels.

  • Workforce Optimization Software helps target and improve key performance indicators

    By using performance management solutions, every member of your organization stays focused on goals, understands their personal role and accountability, and works together toward common success.

  • Discover the root cause of customer and employee behavior

    Customers contact your organization every day and tell you what they like and dislike about your business. These interactions provide valuable feedback for your organization and employees. Through workforce optimization and systematic assessment, you can uncover what drives customer behavior as well as any concerns about your employees and processes.

  • Address agent skill set deficiencies and consistently coach

    Integrated eLearning and Coaching Management facilitate closed-loop processes by addressing skill and behavior gaps uncovered by Quality Management. These solutions let you share knowledge at the desktop, assess understanding and completion, and maintain proper processes for one-on-one coaching with a supervisor. Workforce optimization software makes it even more effective with scheduling of eLearning and Coaching events at optimal times on the agent’s schedule and assignment of courses right from the Quality Management screen.

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