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3 Best Practices for Boosting Your Outbound Contact Center

Outbound dialing technologies have undergone a recent revolution to accelerate sales, boost agent productivity, and increase customer satisfaction – and cloud contact center solutions are leading the way. If you’re looking to improve your results, here are three best practices to consider implementing for outbound dialing:

#1: Utilize No Pause, Predictive Dialing: You might assume that simply making more calls is the answer for increasing sales. However, it won’t help if you’re using a traditional outbound dialer with the tell-tale, two second pause.

Often these types of legacy dialers result in more hang-ups than connects. A better approach is using a cloud contact center solution’s no pause, predictive dialer which eliminates awkward delays in greeting the customer. Agents are connected before the customer answers, which helps start the call off positively and increases connect rates.

#2: Give Customers Truly Useful Information: Consider your goals with outbound calls – are you giving customers useful information, or are you only pitching products? Successful contact centers are taking the first approach, such as proactively contacting customers to let them know, for example, their balance is two days overdue. With a cloud contact center solution, you can also take an omnichannel approach to customer communications, such as sending them helpful information via text.

#3: Use Your CRM to Drive Your Dialer: Rather than using your dialer to manage call records, why not integrate it with your CRM for an up-to-date, closed loop system? In this approach, the CRM sends customer records to the cloud contact center solution’s dialer, and as agents enter updated call information, the data is fed back into the CRM for a single source of truth about each customer.

This is especially useful for ensuring changes to customer records are taken into account before calls are made. For instance, if a customer makes a payment early in the day, the CRM won’t send their contact information to the dialer for an afternoon collections reminder call.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions: Scalable and Cost-Effective

If you’re using an on-premise system, it might sound daunting to implement these changes. A cloud contact center solution, however, is cost-effective and scalable making it easy to implement and roll out these features without purchasing additional hardware. Isn’t it time to take your outbound campaigns to the next level?

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