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4 Steps to a Streamlined Digital Customer Service Workflow

Agility and ease are key concepts in digital customer service, regardless of your industry or the size of your business. We recently collaborated with T-Mobile, one of our clients, to learn more about how they offer better, more efficient digital customer service. Here's what we found out.

T-Mobile was facing a commoditized market and needed to differentiate beyond price and promotion. The company’s main challenge was to respond to customers in an efficient manner and to scale customer service with demand. Previously, T-Mobile’s process for social customer service was painfully manual and the team spent most of their time doing trivial tasks.

T-Mobile sought advice from social customer service experts and vendors from around the world to help them address these problems. We proposed the following 4-step Social Customer Service Workflow and the solution was implemented

1. Unify channels

T-Mobile connected 7 company social media profiles, multiple competitor social media profiles, and relevant keywords. By unifying channels onto one platform, the team is now able to work more effectively and safely, while gaining a holistic view of how customers interact online.

2. Automate routing

Based on agent skill-set, availability, existing customer relationships, and priority level of the request and/or the customer, tickets are routed to the best possible agent in real-time. This type of automation drastically improves response times, agent utility, and team efficiency.

3. Make human connections

Agents use integrated CRM profiles to get a quick, but detailed snapshot of customers. Agents see how they’ve interacted in the past, their sentiment, and even how they’ve engaged with competitors. CRM profiles add immediate relevance and empathy to the experience.

4. Analyze results

Workflow Reports help management optimize team performance and track KPIs such as First Response Time, Customer Journey and Resolution Efficiency. Insights Reports identify trending topics and common customer pain points and use data to execute T-Mobile’s social customer service strategy. T-Mobile is on the forefront of digital customer service innovation and there's much more to learn from their example.

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