4 Tips for Making Your Voice of the Customer Program Successful

As I noted in my last blog post, the key to some of the most successful Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs is the ability to “Keep it Simple. You may have created your customer feedback survey and now you’re wondering what else you can do to ensure your program is a success. Here are a few tips from Jim McNutt at Piedmont Natural Gas and Bob Moore at TDS Telecom.

  1. Use VoC to coach your agents. Let agents listen to recordings of themselves and use the data to reward agents (rather than punish).
  2. Create accountability. Both Piedmont Natural Gas and TDS Telecom evaluate agent performance in part from the results of their VoC programs. At Piedmont, an agent’s ability to bid on shifts and receive merit-based bonuses is directly tied to VoC results.
  3. Have a resolution plan in place. If you ask for feedback, you need to also have a way to respond proactively to that customer input. Piedmont has a team that reviews surveys every day and investigates any unresolved issue. Any issue that is unresolved after investigation prompts a reach out to the customer via phone, email or letter.
  4.  Look beyond first call resolution. If you train your agents to think about the next issue the customer may call you about, you can eliminate the need for the customer to call you back.

If this all sounds like a lot of work and you’re wondering if it's worth spending time and energy creating a Voice of the Customer / customer feedback program, let’s look at results we’ve seen. TDS Telecom achieved a higher first call resolution and increased their Net Promoter Score (NPS) significantly once their VoC program was in place. And, Piedmont increased their JD Power score for contact centers by over 80 points from 2010 and 2011.

Want to hear more great Voice of the Customer tips from Piedmont Natural Gas and TDS Telecom? Join our webinar at 2pm EST on Thursday, January 26.