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5 Key Aspects of Cutting-Edge Contact Center Software and How to Choose the Right One

Cloud contact center solutions already stand out as an important market in Europe. With the fast-paced growth in this sector and technological development with AI, digital channels, machine learning and more, determining the best contact center software is a critical decision for organizations.

There's a lot to consider when making the software choice for your contact center. And this is why NICE CXone is especially grateful to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient of the 2020 European Contact Center as a Service Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

The right partner and the right solution goes a long way when it comes to providing an extraordinary customer experience for your contact center customers. Let’s dive in to find out why NICE CXone is a recognized market leader in contact center software — and what this could mean for your organization.

Key Aspects of Cutting-Edge Contact Centre Software

Unified Customer Service with CXone

Frost & Sullivan Cover Of NICE WinWhat Frost & Sullivan describes as “one of the industry's most complete, unified cloud customer experience platforms” is NICE CXone. What makes CXone stand out, Frost & Sullivan notes, is the integration of best-in-class customer analytics, omnichannel routing, workforce engagement management, automation, and AI – all built on Open Cloud Foundation.

CXone is making an impact not only in Europe, but helping companies around the world — from small businesses to global enterprises — deliver exemplary CX. What does that capability look like in action?

Radisson Hotel Group signed on with NICE CXone after months of intense evaluation between the best contact center software providers in the world. CXone’s full suite of tools and refined scalability determined their choice and soon the global contact center operation (with BPOs around the world) transitioned to NICE CXone.

Expanding or contracting service is possible with the incredible flexibility built in to CXone. Radisson Group was highly interested in CXone Workforce Management. Through voice and screen captures of interactions, contact centers find effective coaching tools. At the Radisson Group, these tools enabled agent utilization to increase by 20%!

CXone is a pioneering cloud contact center platform that unifies best-in-class customer analytics, omnichannel routing, workforce engagement management (WEM), automation, and AI – all built on Open Cloud Foundation. Federico Teveles, ICT Analyst

Omnichannel Service for the Digital Era

NICE recognized by Frost & SullivanNICE CXone understands how important omnichannel routing is for contact centers as customers turn more and more to digital. Especially in light of the global pandemic and the “new normal” as a result, it’s more important than ever to meet customers where they are and interact with them on their terms. This focus on digital-first customer service has contact centers interacting with customers in smart digital conversations that transform the customer experience. With tools like Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), proactive outbound and more, NICE CXone enables contact centers to meet their customers where they are most comfortable.

NICE CXone omnichannel routing supports more than customer experience: it also improves agent experience. My Agent eXperience provides powerful opportunities to:

  • Empower agents to spend more time with the customer, not the tool
  • Decrease agent training through a unified omnichannel interface
  • Customize interactions with customer context and history
  • Elevate the customer experience in ways never before possible

As Millennials and Generation Z grow in spending power, contact center agents meet customers where they are with omnichannel routing. Our research shows 60% of Millennials and Generation Z have used private social messaging, such as Facebook Messenger, for customer service. Despite the mega-growth of digital, human touch is still desired. When consumers (93% to be exact!) begin their interaction with AI and need to be transferred to a service agent, they expect the transition to be smooth and seamless.

The only way is omnichannel. NICE CXone has had its eye on omnichannel routing and architecture with the goal of improving CX in every contact center. That’s why NICE CXone serves 85% of Fortune 100 companies. The research is in and omnichannel is key.

NICE CXone Innovative Integrations

NICE CXone continuously works to provide contact center software that meets an organization’s every need. This effort comes to life in the form of CRM Integrations, RESTful APIs and the DEVone Ecosystem.

With CRM Integrations, contact centers are able to unify essential customer context and contact center controls in one place. These integrations include popular applications like Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), NetSuite, SugarCRM, Bullhorn and more. Equipped with these tools, agents can manage more interactions in less time — and execute more effective service.

The advantages don’t stop there. The DEVone Ecosystem adds on fully integrated applications built from more than 250 APIs by NICE CXone DEVone partners and developers. Using a state-of-the-art online marketplace, contact centers can find exactly the functionality needed for contact center success. Even if contact centers can’t find what they want, they have the ability to partner with specialized DEVone partners for a customized solution.

Magnified Machine Learning & AI

Contact center’s customers aren’t just concerned with today’s performance. They’re looking ahead to the future. That’s why NICE CXone keeps a keen focus on technology that continues to develop. Our emphasis on AI enables us to offer forecasting and scheduling, automated QA and topic categorization while continuing to push the limits of what’s possible with AI and machine learning in contact center software.

Frost & Sullivan highlights the NICE Nexidia Predictive Behavioral Routing for CXone in the 2020 best practices award recognition. This AI tool intelligently connects customers with the best agent based on personality, communication preferences, and behavioral characteristics. That’s why Frost & Sullivan calls this “one of the industry’s most advanced predictive behavioral routing solutions.”

As AI is increasingly used in contact centers, it’s also growing in use among consumers. Year-over-year, the percentage of consumers who have used AI for any reason has increased from 45 to 50%. What’s leading this change? Chatbot use is among the channels making the most difference.

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, NICE CXone seeks to stay at the forefront. Investments in AI and machine learning ensure that contact centers keep up with consumer needs and provide excellent customer experiences.

Your Next Step Toward Award-Winning CX

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