5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Reduce Call Center Costs

In this video, the next in our series on Transforming Customer Experiences, Glen Remy, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, discusses call center agent costs and how technology can be used to manage and mitigate these costs. 

Glen outlines five key areas where technology can help ensure peak call center productivity and manage agent costs, including:

  • Digital channels – Enabling agents to do omnichannel session handling ensures peak productivity.Instead of agents idly waiting for the next call they can be working all channels. This also ensures you are meeting customers where they want to engage you while providing agents more flexibility.
  • Automation – Leverage technology to reduce manual processes and keep agents more productive and engaged with customers.
  • Reporting – Visibility into what agents are doing allows you to improve coaching and management to increase productivity.
  • Scalability and elasticity – Easily meet peak volumes without paying that price during down periods, while easily supporting at home agents.
  • Forecasting and scheduling – Ensure accurate and flexible forecasting and agent scheduling, the most critical need to keeping agents productive while meeting customer inquiries and ensuring  you can support company initiatives.
  • Glen gives some specific examples of where customers have leveraged such technologies to manage and reduce call center costs.

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