Winning in the Experience Economy — Working Up the CX Maturity Curve


Customer Experience (CX) is the new mantra for growing topline. Every company wants to build personalized and differentiated experiences that win new customers and build a loyal customer base.

While there is a compelling business case to invest in CX, companies still struggle to start and succeed. A lot of it is because CX is not a one-and-done metric that you can hit and forget.

It is a continuous and ongoing effort that involves long-term strategic planning, cross organizational alignment, an iterative and refined execution approach, and a vision from a strong top-down leadership to drive change. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

As every company starts to think about CX, it is stuck with basic questions: How good is my CX? How do I compare against my peers in CX? How do I work my way to move my CX? A simple and effective approach is to look at CX in terms of a maturity model — one with several stages of maturity and assess where you are in the maturity model.

Here are some aspects to consider as you start assessing your CX, and see how you stack up against your peers:

1. Organizational alignment — Do you have cross-organizational alignment to have CX as a corporate priority? Is there an organizational structure that supports building and measuring CX? Mature organizations have a clear top-down organizational structure with defined CX roles. CX is embedded in every single aspect of the business.

2. People — Is there a culture of customer service and customer care that is conveyed to every single employee? Are the right set of people involved in every decision around CX?

3. Process — Do you have sound systems for feedback management that incorporate both customer and employee feedback and that have a foundation for continuous improvement?

4. Metrics and Measurement — Do you have clear goals for CX? Do you have the right metrics in place to measure success?

5. Technology — Do you have investment in the right technology, one that provides effortless experience to customers, agents, and every customer-facing employee? Is the technology sophisticated enough that it connects the right employee to the customer and understands why a customer is connecting with the brand?

As companies start looking at these and additional parameters, they can see where they fall in the spectrum of a multi-stage CX maturity model. Take our CX assessment now to see how you score on CX maturity.

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