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A Tale of Software Integration

At inContact we, more than anyone, understand that your contact center is a critical driver of your business processes, and that there are other tools such as your CRM system, ticketing or other applications that are equally important to your customer service strategy. We understand that in order to achieve the maximum overall value there needs to be an efficient and easy-to-maintain integration of the systems critical to optimize your contact center strategy.

So the next question is: what is the best way to move forward and make this a reality?

Since no single solution is optimal for every company at any given time, it is important that you weigh the benefits of integration projects against their current costs and the long-term resource commitments of maintaining that integration.

Using your own development teams can offer smaller up-front costs, but may be more expensive to maintain in the future. Contracting with inContact Professional Services, or one of our recommended Partner Providers, may allow you to get up-and-running quicker and keep your internal teams available for other key projects.

Whichever integration path is right for you, it is critical that the platform you integrate around is one you can confidently depend on to provide reliable capabilities that keep pace with today’s rapidly changing technology.

Enter our new, state-of-the-art inCloud Developer Portal.

As an answer to the intricacies involved with software integration, inContact has launched our new Developer Portal with the express purpose of helping you succeed in your integration projects. It was conceived to help you easily create new applications for your integrations with the inContact platform. It increases your developers’ efficiency and speed to competency in their use of the inContact APIs, translating into shorter project timelines and higher success rates. Optimal documentation and support streamline your development and customization projects. Developers will appreciate becoming part of a vibrant developer community where they can “talk shop” and exchange tips and tricks of the trade.

Here’s what our Developer Portal offers:

  • Well documented, easy to understand RESTful APIs and SDKs
  • Over 120 APIs already available, with new ones being published with each release
  • Developer Portal allows programmers to exercise each and every published API
  • Documentation, FAQ’s and Tutorials on best practices in developing REST-based applications and SDK solutions

But wait, there’s more:

Not only do you get access to the APIs that we ourselves use to further develop our platform. This ensures that the APIs are meticulously kept up to date. And, you can have confidence that all of the inContact APIs have been vetted and qualified in real world scenarios before you consume them in your own applications.

But best of all, using the new Developer Portal for your integration needs is absolutely FREE for inContact customers! You can access the Developer’s Portal at with your customer credentials or ask for a demonstration to see how easily your development teams can become experts on the inContact RESTful APIs.

Try it out today!