A Taxi Took Away My Nightmares

Traveling for work can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t carry a Platinum, Diamond, or King/Queen of the Universe status with your preferred hotels and airlines like me. I just reached peasant level with my hotel and airline. However, I have experienced a heightened base level of service with one company that has kept me using them for several years. You’d never guess that it is a local taxi company in Salt Lake City. Interacting with them is the only piece of travel that is made easy for me. Here is how my last experience went.

Me: <I call the taxi company – phone is answered in two rings by an agent>
Taxi Company: Thank you for calling, is this Scott Logan?
Me: Yes it is. I need to schedule a cab for 5:00am tomorrow morning.
Taxi Company: Will that be from <my address> to the airport?
Me: Yes it will.
Taxi Company: Great, your cab will be there shortly before 5:00am.
Me: Thank you!
Taxi Company: Have a great day.

It took all of fifteen seconds and sure enough they arrived ten minutes to 5:00am. Breaking this down, they had a screen pop with my customer history available to the agent after identifying my phone number before the call was answered. From there she saw that I have mostly booked cabs from my house to the airport in the wee hours of the morning and prompted the discussion. On a side note, I was once even offered a coffee to be brought next time I was picked up by one of the cab drivers who normally works that early morning shift in my area. I declined because I am a picky coffee snob, but appreciated the offer.

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