Nice CXone improves ECSI customer experience

Advanced Chat for CXone: All That and More

Of all the communications channels, the web chat channel is quickly emerging as the leader in customer satisfaction and as a channel that improves agent efficiency, productivity and engagement. 

A growing body of research, as well as companies’ experiences with the chat channel bear out chat’s many benefits. In our webinar, Boost Contact Center KPIs with Advanced Chat for CXone, you’ll can learn key findings as well as how chat has helped ECSI — customized digital solutions for higher education—transform its contact center, improve its KPIs (key performance indicators) and exceed customer expectations.

Just consider:

  • Chat interactions have tripled in just the last couple of years. 
  • Phone interaction volume still leads but is falling. It now accounts for little more than half of all interactions.
  • Over half of all contact centers offer chat—and another 30 percent say they’re planning to shortly. The projection is that 80 percent will offer chat by 2020.

Chat increases Customer Satisfaction (CSat). Not only do customers using the channel report the highest satisfaction, but chat is one of three digital channels (along with mobile apps and company websites) that are driving up Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)—an indicator for a customers’ likelihood of recommending a brand to others.

In this webinar, Mike Bowman, Director, Servicing Operations for ECSI, shares his company’s remarkable success with chat. With colleges and universities as clients, ECSI works directly with student borrowers, who were demanding chat as an option for interacting with ECSI.  Students wanted fast, efficient service they could access with minimal effort.  They didn’t want to call and wait in a queue.  ECSI’s abandon rate was 26%! 

Mike says chat changed everything. ECSI moved from its old manual chat solution that was clunky and time-consuming to NICE inContact’s Advanced Chat for CXone cloud solution in 2017. 

Since that time, which ushered in a high-growth period for the company, ECSI’s KPIs have seen incredible improvement. Wait and handle times have plummeted, and the abandon rate has dropped to 1.3% – a 95% improvement! Customer satisfaction is soaring, as are agent engagement, satisfaction and productivity.  

To hear more take a look at this webinar: 
Boost Contact Center KPIs with Advanced Chat for CXone