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Advanced Chat for CXone: Vera Bradley's Journey to Excellence

Vera Bradley’s customers reflect the colorful vibrance of this popular accessories brand. They are passionate and love sharing photos of the products and how they use them every day.  It’s all part of a robust customer experience, a central focus for a company that’s grown over the years by not only listening to but delighting its customers.

When Vera Bradley introduced web chat in 2011, customers embraced it wholeheartedly. But as chat volume continued to increase, the company took its eye off some important KPIs. Customers were sending an important message. The abandon rate had climbed to more than 20 percent! When Vera Bradley refocused and listened to customers, zeroing in on important KPIs and overhauling its chat approach,  the evolving chat journey was put back on its tracks that led to Vera Bradley’s very successful strategy today.

The company moved to NICE CXone, fully embracing a cloud contact center strategy in 2017, and that was a real turning point. Implementing Advanced Chat for CXone as part of this conversion not only improved web chat functionality but added features like co-browsing, highlighting and sharing documents, as well as proactive chat that enhanced both the customer and agent experiences.

Vera Bradley also adopted other CXone cloud solution components—specifically, CXone Workforce Management (WFM) that helped forecasting customer demand for chat interactions based on business trends and historical data —and provided extensive possibilities for additional integrations down the road.  The abandonment rate today, by the way, is less than 5 percent, and productivity has improved by 10-15 percent.

To hear the whole story, view our webinar, How Trend “Chatter” Vera Bradley Fulfills Customer Expectations with Advanced Chat for CXone and learn how the company overcame their  channel challenges by incorporating chat into a robust omnichannel CX offering. Featured spearkers include:

  • Suzanne Campbell – Director, Customer Experience, Vera Bradley
  • Jennifer Holzhauser – Customer Service Manager, Vera Bradley
  • Annette Miesbach, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NICE