workforce optimization

Agent for Salesforce and Workforce Optimization Brings CRM and Contact Center Handling Together

Improving the agent experience has a multitude of benefits to include; improved retention rates, higher job satisfactions, and even improving the customer experience. One highly impactful way to impact the agent experience is to offer workforce optimization capabilities that minimize the number of systems/ or windows they have to toggle between to manage customer interactions. NICE CXone is the only provider to deliver agent centric information inside of the Agent for Salesforce console. You now have access to have all contact handling and routing needs imbedded and additionally all agent schedules, shift activities, quality evaluation information, and assigned coaching packets included within the Agent for Salesforce interface. This means your agents can have easy and direct access to all of this information without every moving away from their primary interface. Additionally, you gain the ability to send alerts to agents if when you solicit for overtime or voluntary time off with the notification arriving directly in the CRM interface. The key outcomes you can expect from this advance integration include:

  • Improve agent job satisfaction
  • Simplify training effort
  • Expedite response times when soliciting for information, feedback, or volunteers
  • Improve schedule adherence
  • Streamline Supervisor efforts

There are so many benefits of bringing your CRM and Contact Handling technology together. To see more about this unique innovation check out this video. If you come with questions or want a live demonstration of how this works feel free to give us a shout.