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Agentless Dialing - What Can It Do

The short answer – agentless dialing can do whatever you want. We can now use our phones to start the coffee maker, but let’s keep things a little more contact center focused, shall we?

Let us first begin with a disclaimer. This isn’t legal advice. FCC and TCPA regulations are pretty darn strict when it comes to Automatic Telephone Dialing Systems (ATDS), so always check with legal team before implementing a new dialer.

With that out of the way, let’s look into this massive topic, condensed down to a few paragraphs. There are a few ways to use an agentless dialer to help your company become more efficient, and all of these options can be tweaked significantly using inContact Studio. Also, dialers can easily integrate with a database or CRM, but we’re going to keep everything within inContact for this post.

Another item to note, inContact can differentiate between a live answer and a voice mail pick up, so all of these options can differ depending on what happens from the customer’s side.

Message Laydown

Perhaps the simplest way to use the agentless dialer is to provide a notification to your customers. This would be a pre-recorded message to give your customers notice. Perhaps, a prescription is ready to pick up, for example. We don’t need the customer to interact, we’re just providing some information. This is very simple to implement, and does not require and configuration in Studio to implement.

Generate Inbound Traffic

If you’re an inbound shop, and don’t want your agents to initiate calls to customers themselves, the agentless dialer can provide a prompt to the customer to reach an agent. This is usually tied with the message laydown. For example, informing a customer that their confirmation is needed to complete an order. If a customer answered the phone, they could press ‘1’ to be sent to a live agent. Your agent would see this exactly like an inbound call, so any screen pops based on customer information could be integrated to this arrangement.

Self-Help Options

Why make the customer go to your self-help IVR when you can bring it to them? After letting your customer know some information, bring them into an IVR where they can manage their account on their own. This process can be very beneficial to both you, and your customers. They can confirm orders, modify payment entries, update their personal information, and more. All of this is handled without any agent interaction, freeing your up representatives.


inContact has a great customer survey tool called ECHO which ensures high customer satisfaction by gathering callers’ feedback immediately after a call ends. However, if you wish to put in some effort, you can build a survey yourself in Studio. In building your own survey, you’re able to provide your customer prompts about service with your company, and append this information to a .CSV file. Then pull that file out of the inContact file store to perform pivot reporting to obtain and analyze feedback from your customers for a fraction of the time and cost of similar solutions.

Again, this is meant to be a quick rundown of what you can do with agentless dialers, especially if you’re not currently using them or didn’t know where to start. These may take a considerable amount of tweaking to be just right, but when you find it, you’ll see a great amount of traffic and productivity throughout your business.

At Frontline Call Center, we strongly believe in the benefits of advanced technology (like agentless dialing) and have made extensive investments to ensure our capabilities remain cutting edge while giving our clients access to the highest quality technology solutions. Our philosophy is if you can dream it, we can build it and our tech’s stay up on the latest in technology employed in the cloud based call center arena to make this happen.

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