Alexa How are My SLAs Doing

As a large travel management company, Omega World Travel continues to break new ground operationally and in the CX it provides to customers, thanks in large part to its move to NICE inContact and the CXone cloud-native platform.  The company continues to develop innovative applications, from integrating with its proprietary reporting platform, Omegalytics, to harnessing the power of CXone APIs to broadcast SLA performance through Amazon Alexa and other devices.

Get the full story of Omega World Travel’s technology journey in our webinar, Alexa, How are My SLAs Doing? The presentation features Nadim Hajje, Director of Information Technology and Data Analytics for Omega World Travel and a recognized pioneer in travel technology. Nadim will take you through how the company went from the many challenges of its old third-party hosted platform—its contact center operations and CX just weren’t keeping up—to a technology innovator that provides exceptional CX.

Moving to NICE inContact and CXone changed everything, and Nadim credits the many advantages of the CXone cloud-native platform with his company’s successes. In this webinar you’ll learn how:

  • Omega’s real-time agility and transparency internally improves key KPIs. (Handle time has dropped by three minutes!).
  • Omega delivers real-time SLAs to customers across voice, email and chat channels by providing transparency, visibility and 24/7 access to dashboards.
  • CXone enables Omega to support a vast network of remote agents—a huge factor in CX, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • How Omega continues to utilize CXone APIs for innovative integrations and applications.

Don’t miss this exciting presentation! Access our webinar: Alexa, How are My SLAs Doing?