AllClear ID Deftly Handles Data Breach Response with NICE inContact CXone

There are few other times when speed and accuracy are more critical than when someone’s personal data has been compromised. But as a data breach response service, Austin-based AllClear ID provides exactly this kind of responsiveness to client companies and their customers. In fact, AllClear has successfully managed the three largest data breaches to date—all while maintaining a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating.

How does AllClear do it? The company’s Workforce Capacity and Delivery Partner Manager Erin Lewis-Freeman gives much of the credit to NICE inContact and its CXone integrated cloud CX platform:  “It’s easy, fast and global…and gives my team everything we need.”

With CXone,  the AllClear team can respond to and manage a variety of unknown and variable factors, maintain its incredibly high standards and ultimately, deliver to its clients. When a breach happens, AllClear must be able to act immediately. Its internal staff of 45 agents must quickly scale up—sometimes to as many as 2500! Other call centers must be pulled together, and those agents, quickly trained on the situation at hand. Call volumes can be easily scaled up and down by call center. And because AllClear can configure NICE inContact call routing in under three minutes, all this happens in near real-time.

Not only does CXone and the partnership with NICE inContact enable AllClear to maintain high performance standards, they’ve also been determining factors in new clients’ decisions to come on board with AllClear ID.  As Erin explains, companies are understandably nervous about data breaches—business continuity is critical, and their customers need to be handled with care and speed—no mistakes.  AllClear guaranteeds a response time of 72 hours to clients, and NICE inContact’s guaranteed uptime of four nines is a big selling point.

Learn how NICE inContact and CXone are continuing to keep AllClear ID at the top of its game—and the industry—as data breach response becomes even more critical for businesses worldwide.