Alphanumeric Becomes a Global Force with NICE CXone

As a provider of technology, professional services, managed services, learning and staffing services, Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. began a concerted global expansion in 2012. But as the company was going big, its technology was staying small. Alphanumeric realized that its contact center technology--outdated, and neither scalable nor reliable—was going nowhere. “The system just couldn’t grow with us as we expanded internationally,” says Jay Baucom, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Chief Information Office for Alphanumeric.

Bringing on NICE CXone as its partner, however, changed Alphanumeric’s trajectory. In fact, moving to the CXone cloud-based integrated customer experience platform has allowed the company to expand worldwide and compete with larger competitors. Today, Alphanumeric serves clients in over 35 countries, in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare to financial and automotive. It has more than 400 agents globally who handle more than 16,000 calls every month.

Central to Alphanumeric’s success is its customer service model, which is built around remote agents. Enabled by NICE CXone’s cloud technology and integrated CXone products, the strategy continues to deliver remarkable returns. Not only is the company able to hire and retain top agents around the globe, the flexibility of being able to work from literally anywhere in the world is a big contributor to agent performance and motivation. Additionally, the need for brick and mortar has been reduced—and in many cases, eliminated. Alphanumeric has re-negotiated leases and downsized physical locations, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

With CXone, Alphanumeric is able to deliver diverse, seamless and exceptional customer experiences, including providing support for clinical trials with potential life-or-death consequences. CXone’s reliability and dependability ensure that Alphanumeric’s global workforce is always up and running: In fact, NICE CXone’s 99.99% uptime guarantee is critical. With CXone analytics and reporting, the company monitors quality, performance and trends—and can quickly make any necessary adjustments.

“CXone is an amazing platform,” Baucom says. “…Our customers love it.” The proof is in the numbers, he says. “Customer satisfaction is over 98% across all our contact centers, and we’re close to 70% in first contact resolution.”

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