An Inside Look at Enablement Services

NICE CXone’s Education and Enablement Team provides training and on-site support to our customers. The Enablement Consultant’s primary responsibility is to ensure our customers are prepared for success through education and support during the scheduled launch of our products. During this time, we spend two to three days evaluating the customer's contact center environment, providing training to their staff, and showing them tips and tricks using our solution - all coupled with best practices derived from our experience.

During a recent customer launch, I was able to see how our products made a difference in customer experience and how easy they are for the staff to use. I have to say, this is very exciting.

During the first day, we spent most of the day educating the staff. We showed them how to use their new interface, answered questions, and assisted each agent to ensure they were prepared for the "switch over". The anticipation and excitement were palpable on the contact center floor on the day of launch. As the morning teams prepared to take their first call, they were eager, yet nervous. Finally, someone went "available". After watching the first call taken by their brave colleague, the confidence of others rose and they all began using the system with ease.

In the afternoon, I spent time with Supervisors and Team Leaders sharing ways to become more efficient through reporting, leveraging monitoring tools, and ideas about how to optimize their day-to-day operations. The group loved how easy the interfaces were to use, and how flexible the system was. By the end of the day, the leadership was already thinking of the next feature to “switch on”. NICE CXone truly makes a difference for our customers every day and I'm regularly reminded of how user friendly the system is!