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Contact Center Glossary

Announcing our Best-In-Class Glossary of Contact Center Terms

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Call it ‘shop talk,’ call it ‘inside baseball’ matter where you work, or what you do, you need to understand the industry terms and how they apply -- and when it comes to contact center terms, we are here to help!

There is a seemingly endless list of terms and acronyms used within the contact center industry. And that list just keeps growing. Two factors are principally responsible for this growing terminology list:

  1. Innovation! The advancement of contact center technology and call center software is in a pace of rapid change driven by AI and ever evolving mobile and consumer technology.
  2. Digital! The world has turned digital - there is almost nothing we can’t accomplish via some digital channel, and consumers prefer it that way. This is resulting in a digital transformation of the customer experience (CX) businesses have to deliver to remain competitive.

To help your contact center stay on top of these industry terms, we’ve built a new best-in-class glossary!

What You Will Find in the Glossary

Our glossary was built to provide in-depth definitions of the most common vocabulary, measurements, metrics, and phrases related to call center software and the field of customer experience. It’s a comprehensive, indexed list with extended pages detailing all the need-to-know terminology every contact center team can use to effectively communicate.

Each glossary definition provides clarity around the meaning of a particular term used within the industry. Simply click on a word, phrase, or acronym of interest. You will be led to a page where you can get even more in-depth information and resources about why it is important, how it impacts customer experience and contact center operations, and how we can help. 

How You Can Use the Glossary

You do not have to be a NICE inContact customer to use our glossary. We have designed it for teams of all sizes, whether they are operating in a fully remote environment or on-site.

If you are currently a NICE inContact customer using our call center software, you may find it helpful to use the glossary in tandem with our Data Dictionary.

When can our glossary come in handy?

Perhaps one of the best use cases is training. If you are a veteran contact center leader, you can direct new agents or onboarding team members to the glossary for answers to common questions, like the following:

Contact center managers and supervisors will find this glossary helpful for defining and setting expectations—among business leaders and their own agents, too.

Organization executives can better understand reporting results when they have an accurate frame of reference for what is being measured. Agents will be more inclined to reach target goals when they understand which tools and metrics are being used to measure their performance, and how.

The bottom line: the most effective contact center teams operate on the same page, taken from the same playbook. We built our new glossary to be your contact center’s playbook. Here’s to using it in 2020 with great success!

Ready to get started? Dive into our comprehensive contact center glossary today!