icuc 2017 mojo award finalists

Announcing the 2017 inContact Mojo Award Finalists

The 2017 inContact Mojo Awards represent the best in our industry, reflecting great commitment, concepts and creativity. We are excited to recognize our users who have achieved excellence and drive superior contact center experiences.

The nominations this year were outstanding and speak to the growth of the contact center industry. The finalists for the 2017 inContact Mojo Awards have been determined, and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize them all.

The 2017 inContact Mojo Awards finalists by category are:

Best Customer Experience

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has an expanding portfolio of more than 1,440 hotels in operation and a global footprint covering 115 countries. Their contact center averages 250 agent seats across 3 continents while supporting 16 languages. By partnering with Infinite Green, they defined a strategic vision of global support. Carlson Rezidor consolidated seven channel management platforms to just one integrated cloud service with inContact. They successfully removed business and technology complexity to enable and deliver an enhanced and consistent customer experience across all global customer touch points.


Mitchell has developed 15 different customer service groups totaling over 800 agents. By leveraging their integration between inContact and Salesforce, Mitchell’s service teams have a 360 degree view of the customer and an omni-channel approach to service. Mitchell has created personalized routing based on CRM data, resulting in a 10% increase in their CSAT Score and a 38% improvement in Agent Handle Time. By using Personal Connection™ for payment reminder calls, they can now spend more time on high value interactions. One of their largest achievements is eliminating customer data silos and ensuring all service groups have the right information to deliver great customer experiences.


TechStyle's contact center has over 1,000 agents located across 5 different centers servicing customers from 4 distinct fashion brands in 8 different languages. When TechStyle was experiencing spikes in call volumes they had to develop creative ways to preserve a great experience for their customers. They decided to integrate a Virtual Agent solution with their inContact platform. The Virtual Agent can handle the call immediately when there are wait times in the queue. By utilizing new AI technology, TechStyle has been able to not only deliver amazing customer experiences, but also reduce costs in the process.

Best Workforce Optimization

211 LA 

With 60 critical service advisors across multiple locations, 211 LA is focused on empathy, accurate service referrals, and fast responses. 211 LA provides 24/7/365 service in 140 different languages using skills such as phone, chat, and text to chat messaging. 211 LA matches customers with enhanced, specialized services that go above and beyond their expectations. By integrating inContact with a custom CRM, their agents know what the client needs and they can evaluate calls with the NICE Quality Management tool to ensure overall quality and accuracy.

Michigan Public Health Institute

MPHI implemented inContact’s full WFO solution in 2012 with hopes of improving quality assurance and scheduling processes. What happened next far exceeded their expectations. By optimizing their agent’s engagement and overall knowledge of contact center operations they have increased their Schedule Adherence from 44% to 92% and Agent Retention is now up to 89%. After implementing surveys, MPHI listened to feedback and now have a C-SAT Rating of nearly 100%. They continuously educate each service representative on the ‘Power of One.’ That methodology has increased their Quality Assurance to 97% and reduced Hold Time by 50%.


MindBody is building a team in which everyone can practice leadership daily. With locations around the world and over 500 agents, inContact helps them manage competence, character, compassion, catalyst, and courage among their team. MindBody is focused on supporting individual performance goals. Supervisors can send reports to agents so they have visibility to how they compare to the rest of the team, as well as see their own trends over time. As a result, they have seen productivity and efficiency go up in the form of decreased after-call work, increased concurrent chat, and increased schedule adherence to 85%.

Contact Center Rookie of the Year


Petplan worked with inContact over a 2 month period to implement their new contact center platform. It was a large job, but with this partnership they were able to be 100% successful. Once Petplan rolled out their inContact solution, their customer experience began to transform. Petplan has been able to decrease the customer wait time, increase contact center workplace satisfaction, and provide intelligent customer routing with the custom integration. They have also used inContact Reporting and Analytics to better understand why the customer is calling and how to prioritize business enhancements.


As the largest dedicated residential solar company in the U.S., Sunrun is always looking to provide the best products and services to their customers. Being more responsive to homeowners across the sales and services funnels is imperative to Sunrun. They began working with inContact to customize a Salesforce integration within their customer contact center. After a successful implementation, inContact has been helping to drive most aspects of the Sunrun customer experience from acquisitions, install, service, and collections. Since implementing these functions, Sunrun has reduced missed calls, increased close rates and continued to keep customers happy, delivering strong NPS scores.

Webhelp Nordic

Webhelp Nordic is a global business process outsourcer (BPO), specializing in customer experience and payment management in addition to sales and marketing services. In 2016, they added inContact to their HBO, Nespresso and Chubb accounts. The inContact platform was configured for a complex multi-skill, multi-service level and multi-language delivery for these brands. Webhelp used inContact Studio, inView and open API’s to build a complete technical foundation that included advanced e-mail solutions and overflow calls between countries. In just 4 months, their utilization for these brands increased from 40% to 70%.

Contact Center Leader of the Year

Brian H. Reid, OSC, a Breckenridge Insurance Group Company

Brian H. Reid has transformed his company’s contact and support center. OSC began with 20 agents in cubicle silos to 105 engaged agents enjoying open spaces and access to leadership. With over 15 years of call center and customer service experience, Brian has diligently guided each new phase of OSC’s contact center transformation. He not only implemented inContact, he created a new training program for his agents, improved SLA's and reduced turnover. Agents now have visibility into their performance, collaboration with their team members and the tools they need to deliver excellent service.

Justin Borah, TechStyle

Justin Borah has taken a creative approach to improve TechStyle's customer experiences globally. Through implementing an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Agent solution, Justin has provided 24x7 coverage, decreased average handle time by 10%, and improved average speed of answer by over 50% at peak times. His leadership has resulted in saving TechStyle over $300,000 per year. As an experienced leader within the contact center community, Justin actively speaks at contact center industry events. He is passionate about sharing knowledge, collaborating within the industry, and developing the customer experience community.

Stephen Leonard, Sykes Enterprises Incorporated

Stephen Leonard’s leadership impact is as local as it is global. His team supports 25,000 Uptivity licenses, 300 plus servers for 90 different installs, and 64 locations in 20 countries. Locally, he is always there to support team members with training, guidance and help. Stephen continuously builds bridges and relationships between Sykes and the inContact team to ensure over 10 million calls a month are recorded. He is able to see the big picture while executing his creative and efficient solutions. He is a visionary leader who develops processes, aligns communication and creates amazing results.

Congratulations to our finalists! Winners will be announced May 10th during the annual inContact Mojo Awards Ceremony at the 13th annual inContact User Conference in Las Vegas.