Answers to Some of Your Most Pressing CX Questions are Just a Download Away

Does your company have a true understanding of what your customers want, need and think? Specifically, how do your customers feel about your customer service? Have they embraced your new, leading-edge, AI-enabled chatbots? How about the latest digital channels? Or are they still most satisfied with a phone call with a competent agent?

And what about your company? Are you being realistic about whether your customer service really satisfies your customers? Are you delivering seamless omnichannel customer experiences and creating promotors rather than detractors?

These are questions that keep contact center leaders up at night. Leading organizations always have been about the customer — this isn't a new concept. But these days, digital technology innovations can make it increasingly more complex to serve your customers where and how they want to be served. Is your company well-positioned to address the ever-increasing expectations of your evolving customer base?

The 2019 business wave of the NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark explores many of these questions at a global level. We surveyed more than 900 contact center leaders across the US, UK, and Australia to discover insights about quality of service delivered, according to businesses themselves, across both self-service and agent-assisted channels. Then we compared these findings to what consumers said in our 2018 consumer study.

The results? The research reveals significant discrepancies in several areas. Organizations' perceptions about how they execute service don't always align with consumers’ actual experiences.

One gap: Contact center leaders underrate the quality of service being delivered by their agent-assisted phone channel. Customers are more satisfied with phone interactions than companies think they are.

Conversely, organizations overestimate customer satisfaction with automated assistants/chatbots. Speaking of artificial intelligence (AI), the study found that contact center leaders are confident in AI, but consumers are more cautious.

If your curiosity is piqued, the good news is that the full report is available as a free download. Get your copy of the business wave of the 2019 NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark now, and start thinking about how the findings might apply to you and your customers. You won't be disappointed!