Percent Allocation Routing

Apps for the Contact Center

I love apps.  I might even be addicted to them.  My favorite is a productivity app that helps me keep track of everything going on.  My son is addicted to one designed as a game, but teaches spelling and problem solving skills.  I can’t get him to put it down, even to play ping pong. If anyone knows of a good "app rehab" service (preferably through a free iPhone app), let me know.

Web apps should be simple and make life easier.  If you haven’t experienced our inCloud apps, you may be missing out on a great way to gain purpose-built functionality and improve your contact center operations.  We build these apps with you the customer in mind - focusing on a specific task where we can simplify and improve the user experience, saving you time and money.

Our newest inCloud app called “Percent Allocation Routing” is now available. Here are a few features of the app:

  • Purpose-built to manually adjust the percentage of calls being routed to different outsourcers or centers
  • Reduces administrative costs and complexity of building & managing routing profiles, including exceptions
  • Quick & easy implementation
  • Seamlessly integrated to the inContact platform

This will be the fifth inCloud app now available to customers – check out some of our other apps below:


  • Provides virtual PBX services regardless of geography, connectivity or equipment
  • Dial by name, extension or directory with auto transfers & voicemail notifications


  • Extend your reach into the web & social media via click-to-talk
  • Generate more leads and increase sales conversion!

Call Recording Control

  • Easily manage call recording settings, by agent or skill, through an intuitive web interface

Third Party Monitoring

  • Ideal for outsourcing companies to provide secure, live call monitoring access to their clients

For pricing and other details you can speak to any inContact Sales or Service representative.  

Do you have an idea for an app that will make your life easier?  Contact us at to send your app ideas or to join our Developer program!