Are You Acting on the Voice of the Customer

Is your contact center among the growing number of contact centers that are listening to the voices of their customers through various feedback tools?  If you answered "yes" to this question, what are you doing beyond just “listening” to your customers 'feedback?  Are you taking action and fully utilizing your tools? 

More often than not, customer feedback data is gathered, only to sit unused until it becomes stale and worthless.  The biggest cause of this is typically related to staffing.  Contact centers collect the data, but without the resources to take action on the data, they simply cannot respond to it quickly enough to make a difference.  Analytics tools can assist with processing the data quickly, but in a typical service recovery or agent coaching effort, an actual person must be involved at some point to follow through on the pertinent survey results. 

If staffed properly, voice of the customer data can be used to affect change within your contact center and throughout the rest of your organization.  In some examples, contact center managers receive real-time notifications every time a poor survey response is received and use these to initiate agent coaching events.  In other examples, contact center managers extend customer feedback out to other parts of their organization that identify deficiencies in product design, services, business processes, and market communications.  For example, customers will often use survey vehicles to communicate defects in a product’s packaging that can then be used to engineer a more customer friendly design, that is, if the right people in the company receive that feedback.  The key takeaway here is the importance of considering how you will use the data you collect from your customers and staffing your center accordingly in order to meet those objectives.  For more examples of how existing inContact customers have successfully used the voice of their customers to impact their business, click here.