Are You Best Positioned to Digitally Transform and Differentiate Your Organisation

Salesforce World Tour London 2019 is over, and we at NICE inContact in the UK and Ireland already are planning and looking forward to next year’s event. This was the first time that we have participated in the UK event and what a thought-provoking, hectic, yet ultimately rewarding day it was — even if the feet were a little sore at the end of the day!

From the moment the doors opened at 8am until the closing, there was a vibrancy and buzz about the place which I have not seen for some time at an industry event.

The keynote focused on compelling and real-life examples of how organisations have utilised Salesforce to digitally transform and change the internal operations of their businesses in a highly effective and successful manner.

Additional breakout sessions provided great insights into how a culture of engaging all stakeholders ultimately leads to transformational success and how it provides a rich customer experience that enables competitive differentiation across a variety of organisations and markets.

From a NICE inContact perspective, it gave us the opportunity to meet and network with Salesforce personnel as well as with organisations from across the UK and Ireland that want to integrate global market-leading contact center software cloud platforms, such as NICE inContact’s CXone, to their Salesforce-based environments in a manner that is seamless, quick, and efficient.

Click here to see how you can integrate your contact centre software and CRM with CXone, and then contact us to learn how NICE inContact delivers a high level of support to organisations on this transformational journey.

At Salesforce World Tour London 2019, competition for people’s attention and time was fierce, but we took on these challenges and succeeded in driving some great, business-led conversations that focused on how NICE inContact can add tangible benefits to transformational, customer experience-led opportunities and projects.

Roll on 2020!!