Are You Prepared to Walk in the Forest

Its been a busy summer, and I have not written for a couple of weeks because I was off galavanting around Alaska.  We stayed at a place in the woods, and my wife kept asking me if I wanted to go for a walk.  I said 'No, I have no desire to go walking around in woods with bears that might be hungry' - in fact I later heard that earlier that week,  a guy had shot and killed a bear, stopping an attack just a few feet before the bear reached him.    The preparation in that area was clothing for the weather, GPS or maps, bears spray or a really big gun, proper food handling and knowing what to do if you do run in to that bear.  I knew that I was not prepared with materials or experience so I structured my activities accordingly.  

Why am I talking about bears and the outdoors?  Because I believe that principles of preparation are true regardless of whether its for a campout or a business.  Just as Mother Nature can be very unforgiving so our jobs and projects can also be very unforgiving.  Some things you just have to get right the first time.  Toward that end I can tell you that at inContact we work very hard to plan, test and prep for the changes we make.   One of my roles is to act as an integrator between Development and Operations.  I am engaged with both teams in an effort to improve communications, training and management of the systems before new code is released.  In addition to the efforts of myself and many others, we have change control processes that must be followed.  Prior to any code being released there is a Change Control meeting held where we review what is being deployed, what notifications need to be sent out, what training needs to be provided, what new tools need to be or are being provided, and what resources will be needed.    Finally, after the code is released, we have people in both Operations and Development who are actively monitoring and reviewing those changes to ensure that everything is as it should be.

In a similar fashion we can assist our customers to be successful.  Just as I function to help integrate the actions of Development and Operations, we have people that can help our inContact customers develop call flows, scripts and call center tools and integrate those items in to their operations.  Our Proffessional Services team, Business Analysts and Technical Designers are here to listen to your requirements and find solutions that will truly meet your needs.   They can prepare you and your project or campaign for success.  When I was in Alaska, I sought out experienced people to guide me in my activities.  I would encourage you to make use of the people and experience that are at your disposal at inContact.  Call your account manager for questions or help you need.

At inContact we want you to be successful navigating your business (forest).