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Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Care

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) completely transform the consumer experience and bring contact center software out of the dark ages?  Probably not for some, but it does hold promise! Keeping up with technology – and combing through all the hype that surrounds AI – can be a real challenge. It’s not surprising that many contact center leaders feel a little unsure of when, where or why to implement AI in their call center operations. Is AI to be used simply to lower cost and increase efficiency? Which contact center software applications are the best suited for AI? Which AI applications are ready, and which need more time to mature?

On one hand, you could do nothing and wait to see how it all plays out. On the other, if it’s been a while since you last evaluated technology options or vendors for call center software, then maybe it’s time to think about modernizing. 

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational chatbots, self-service and digital channels all contribute to an improved customer experience – but what kind of risks come with adopting AI? Without a clear roadmap and strategy for AI implementation, contact centers run the risk of failing to realize the full potential of what AI can deliver.

For CX leaders seriously thinking about strategic investments, now is the time to lay the groundwork for AI. But first, be sure to review our latest 2019 NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark. Our global findings reveal that consumers perceive CX and AI significantly differently than businesses think they do. And this perception gap can lead to ineffective executive decisions.  The good news is, you can make practical investments that can reap incredible results.

If you have similar questions on your mind, we’ve got you covered. In our upcoming webinar we’ll share key findings to help answer those burning questions: Why adopt AI now? Where can AI add the greatest benefits? Reap the biggest rewards from AI across your inbound or outbound call center - register for this webinar.