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What Makes 'em Tick

Contact centers have made it part of their everyday business to survey customers following any type of contact. So, what are Customers saying? Here are some of the top complaints that customers have regarding contact centers and the services they provide. 1. Obvious Scripting: Customers have indicated they want to have conversations with the representatives they call. If...

The Cloud is Here to Stay

References to the cloud are ubiquitous today, but what does it mean? What is the cloud? The cloud, in the simplest terms, takes the multimillion-dollar business hardware currently sitting in your server rooms and moving it into a web-based environment. There are two versions of the cloud available today: hosted and tenanted. The half-cloud is the hosted version,...
Airport Security-TSA

Legislating Customer Service

You don't talk to very many people these days who are counting down the days until their driver's license expires so that they can make a trip to the DMV. Nor do people wait with bated breath for the chance to interact with TSA at airport security. The reason is simple: these groups aren't well known for...

Contact Center Trends

I keep a Magic 8 Ball on my desk to help me predict the future. While it has a surprisingly high success rate in forecasting things to come, it hasn't yet been able to tell me what the future will hold for the contact center industry. (It's really more of a "yes," "no," "it is highly unlikely"...

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