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Musings on Chat

Web chat is a great channel alternative to offer your customers. If your "callers" happen to be in front of their computer and they are reasonable typists, web chat can be a very efficient way to complete a transaction. Depending on the chat technology, you can even lock down chat access behind a secure website...

And What About Email

While voice is the interaction type most preferred by customers, it is gradually losing ground to other channels. After voice, email is by far the most dominant channel delivering interactions into the contact center. Many businesses have imagined that email support would be a great way to eliminate costly phone calls, but relatively few have...

How Reachable is your Contact Center

So your customers want to talk to you. How are you going to let them? While the majority of customer interactions are still handled over the telephone, it's important to be flexible and sensitive to what your customers need. The business that fails to allow customers to interact using THE CUSTOMER'S preferred method is going...

The Power of Callback

A moment of truth is the culmination of countless procedures, processes, and interactions within the business. In the ideal world, the caller (I'll use "caller" generically regardless of the mode of communication) will dial you up, instantly get to an agent who immediately provides the correct response. The ideal is an absolutely frictionless exchange between...

Expecting the Unexpected

With a slogan like "The Greatest Snow on Earth" emblazoned right on license plates, you wouldn't be too surprised to hear that winter storm warnings are pretty common in Utah … in the winter, that is. Yet last week the beautiful spring weather was interrupted for a couple days thanks to a late snow storm and...

Moment of Truth

Millions of times every day, customers interact with organizations through their contact centers. Hundreds of thousands of agents across the globe are tasked with representing the organization which employs them in variety of sales, service, and support functions. More often than not, the contact center agent is the only "human connection" the customer will ever...

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