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Expivia Leverages Workforce Intelligence to Gain Visibility of Their Contact Center Operations

Chats, inbound calls, email and SMS lead the pack of channels across the contact center that generate enormous sets of data. That data can be leveraged by contact center managers who are looking to make substantive improvements to the daily contact center operations. It was just 5 or 6 years ago that the ability to drill down on things like agent...
move to cloud

Moving to Cloud: A Must for Contact Centers

Everywhere you turn, the calls to move to cloud environments have become prevalent – regardless of system, workload or application, its no secret that cloud has redefined how our most critical systems are deployed and operated. Cloud has matured far beyond its early beginnings nearly 2 decades ago. But while the underpinning technology has been well...

Transform Citizen Connections with Cloud

Our ability to interact and engage with our government is clearly fundamental to the functioning of our cities, states and nation. And, while it can be frustrating at times from a convenience standpoint, government agencies shoulder a significant burden in ensuring the privacy and security of its citizens, leading to possible longer handle times. Contact centers must...

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