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Women sits at DMV but expects to be able to reach government agencies digitally especially during COVID-19.

How the Cloud Contact Center is Helping Businesses Adapt to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered every aspect of our lives. For government agencies, the stakes have never been higher. Agencies responsible for providing essential services to citizens have been forced to take drastic action in order to continue to provide those services while protecting employees that are fielding an exponential increase in call volumes.
GANT Travel Builds the Business Case for Contact Center Improvements

Gaining Visibility and Improving Agent Performance

Jeff Kennon, Director of Customer Experience for NeoNova, a customer support enterprise servicing some of the world’s leading internet service and telecom providers, says that leveraging a workforce management platform helped delight both customers and agents. He explains how opening new channels has made for a great customer experience.
5 Reasons Why Business Process Outsourcers are Transitioning to Cloud

5 Reasons Why Business Process Outsourcers are Transitioning to Cloud

With contact centre BPOs around the globe migrating from on-premise to cloud technology, competitive organisations are left asking: is my BPO next? On-premise or single-tenant hosted contact centre BPOs are making the move to cloud; whether the result of an organisation-wide initiative, the desire to scale, a move towards centralisation, feature limitations or for a variety of other business reasons. But what motivations lie at the core of this migration to cloud? What’s to gain from moving to the cloud?
SumTotal Drives Customer Sat Through Great Scripting

Driving Customer Satisfaction Through Great Scripting

Ensuring agents are trained, informed and up to speed on product, process and procedure is an ongoing and significant effort that contact center leaders find as a critical piece to keeping agents fresh and engaged. Balaji Venkatech Bala, Senior Director of Customer Support for Sum Total Systems, sums up the importance for scripting in his organization.

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