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Speech Analytics: Out of the swamp and into the board room

“I don’t understand how my organization can use speech analytics.” This a statement I hear often from those who don't have speech analytics… In fact, I even hear it from some who do. Speech analytics has the potential to transform an organization and its relationships with customers, but organizations seldom harness its power to make that happen. The...

The Secret Path of Agents

Those of us who manage contact centers tend to think of the customer experience as something like a short auto trip: You drive from point A to point B, usually taking the shortest path that gets you there quickest. But just like an actual road trip, all sorts of issues occur along the way. You might get a...

Speech Analytics: Houdini or Whodunit

Who doesn’t love a good whodunit? As an avid mystery reader, I enjoy the plot twists and turns and characters that flip-flop between villain and hero. The butler did it – no, that’s too obvious – okay, it has to be the shy and beautiful parlor maid; maybe. The discovery of a cryptic scrawled note only leads...
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Are You an Information Litterbug

It happens innocently enough. The marketing director showcases 60 PowerPoint slides of a new customer campaign during a contact center staff meeting. Afterward, you say, "Wow! That’s great information. The agents should have this because a customer may ask about it." Without stopping to think of the consequences you just became an information litterbug. Do we really expect agents...

Danger! Information Overload Kills Customer Experience

It’s happened to us all: You call a contact center, the answer you receive isn’t correct, you have to call back again, and you’re on the phone for 20 minutes or more. Why does this happen? Do agents not care, or do they need more training? Turns out – neither! It’s true that what agents deliver becomes the...