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Welcome to the Family!

We can't ever say enough how much we love our customers and love bringing new customers into our family. So, I'd like to make a big welcome to Intermedix and the contact center team, who spread some inContact love on the day of their Go Live!...

Happy Customer Service Week!

I can’t believe it's "Customer Service Week" again. For me, every week is Customer Service Week, and we should always be looking at our interactions with customers. We should be recognizing our Customer Service teams (and the entire organization) every week; and ensure they have the skills, training and KNOWLEDGE to deliver a good customer experience....

Let's Get Personal

Most people don't really like it when they need to seek customer support help. I'm different. I love customer support interactions because it helps me, as the leader of the Global Service Delivery team at inContact, to shape our customer support strategies and best practices. I recently needed some information on my health insurance. It was late...

Happy Customer Service Week!

Today winds down the end of Customer Service Week - a favorite time of year for people in my line of work. But I was thinking, should it only be Customer Service Week??? How about we initiate Customer Service Week EVERY Week!!! I think it is great that Customer Service organizations get their own week to celebrate and...

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