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Improving Agent Experience and Engagement

Improving Agent Experience (AX) and Engagement One Step at a Time

Agents are the most critical resource in a contact center and yet the hardest to retain as evident with high attrition rates. As per the NICE inContact ICMI survey 25% of agents left the company in the past 12 months; 20% of agents left the contact center but stayed within the company; and 18% of agents changed positions in the contact center. Investing in AX has risen as one of the top priorities contact center leaders are undertaking to engage, motivate and most importantly retain agents.
Key Contact Center Investments in 2020

Planning for 2020? Don’t miss out on Key Contact Center Investments

As we step into 2020, we see companies investing more in Customer Experience (CX) initiatives than ever. There is a clear business case to invest and improve CX – happy customers buy more, are easy to service and bring in new customers through recommendations. And, contact centers, being customer interaction hubs, are getting more preference and priority when it comes to CX investments.
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Scaling a Customer Centric Culture in Your Contact Center

Contact centers of today are not just customer service centers. They are the epicenters of lasting customer experiences (CX) that help brands differentiate and compete better. It has never been more important to create highly personalized connections with your customers -- and connect with them more frequently than ever. Failure to do so will likely push...
AI in contact centers

AI in Contact Centers – IT Gets the Driver Seat

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics today and nearly every C-level executive is eager to understand how AI will transform their business. Contact centers are no exceptions. Only about a third of the customers are willing to use bots and virtual assistants to interact with companies AI is not a customer pleaser, yet! But...
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Contact Center Agents - Soaring up From Heroes to Super Heroes

Agents remain the most critical resource in any contact center. But, every contact center continues to struggle with big challenges when it comes to engaging, motivating and retaining agents. Agent turn over continues to soar at over 30-45%, more than double the average of all industries (Research, The Quality Assurance & Training Connection). Today’s agents are clearly...

Omnichannel Customer Experience = Omnipresent + Omniscient Agents

Digital is the new norm, and it’s disrupting the way customers communicate with brands. With the proliferation of newer digital devices and channels, customers prefer to reach brands through digital channels rather than voice channels. But companies deploying and promoting digital customer service channels, like chat or SMS, are not seeing the results with NPS, containment, and agent efficiency. They struggle...

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