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How and Why to Manage the Move to a Virtual Contact Center

How and Why to Manage the Move to a Virtual Contact Center

The adoption of cloud vs. on-premise software to manage the contact center is a door-opener for businesses. It grants them the keys they need to transition from on-site to fully virtual operations. And a virtual contact center, in which agents work remotely rather than in a brick-and-mortar facility, has many benefits for both the organization and its agents.
Work Life Balance in the Contact Center

Work Life Balance in the Contact Center

Digital transformation and the gig economy have made remote work common across the globe—the contact center industry was no different! In fact, due to the huge array of digital interaction channels, virtual assistants, and more, the contact center field is even better positioned for remote work.
Customer uses chat, text and social media to reach customer support

The 2020 Guide for CX Goal Getters

2020 holds massive potential for planning and achieving your CX goals! Why? Because we have access to tremendous insight on what customers are looking for in service and brand experience in the coming year. We also have access to research on what sales, service, and support organizations across the globe did (and did not) do successfully in 2019.
Contact center manager gives kudos and shows gratitude to call center agent.

The Top 3 Things to Thank Your Contact Center Agents for in 2019

It’s a foundational concept that all effective contact center leaders know to be true—when you take care of your agents, they take care of your business. Cultivating a culture of appreciation will keep agents inspired to perform in their job roles all year long. So, just before what is likely the busiest season of the year for your contact center, it’s important to look back on 2019 and reflect on the hard work your agents have put in.

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