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Accountability - The Third A in the Triple AAA’s of Security [series]

We have now discussed the first two A's: Authentication and Authorization. The third A stands for Accountability which establishes the reasons and source for changes, activations, additions, deactivations and deletions. This is accomplished by means of audit trails and logs that identify Who, What and When. Some accountability processes such as policies and tickets also document the reasons...

Authentication - The First A in the Triple AAA’s of Security [series]

In this series of articles, I want to discuss security best practices for your contact center: the triple A’s of security--Authentication, Authorization and Accountability. inContact can be a part of your security strategy, and the first article will discuss best practices for user authentication of agents and supervisors in your contact center. Authentication is the process or processes...

CSA Congress 2012

November 7 and 8th, 2012, Orlando Florida was again the host for the 2012 Cloud Security Alliance Congress. The Cloud Security Alliance or CSA is a not for profit organization that seeks to promote best security practices to provide assurance for the Cloud. The CSA has been organized for a few years now and continues to...

Black Hat USA 2012

This last week I was able to attend the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas. As a matter of information, Black Hat is a premier security conference that occurs, not just in the USA, but globally as well, with annual events in Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Las Vegas and Washington DC. The term black hat...