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The Future Technology of WFO

There are two things that are not going to change in the contact center universe: Contact centers will never have enough staff. Contact centers will always collect immense amounts of data. When combined, the largest workforce optimization problem comes to the surface; contact centers...

Word of Mouth 2.0

"Word of Mouth" is the term used to describe the events that take place after you passionately like or dislike a product. The first thing most people do after they finish drooling or fuming is to tell everyone they know. Research has shown time and time again the power that Word of Mouth has on...

Compliance vs. Quality - Which is More Important

Ok, I got you! This is in fact a trick question for which there are two possible answers. Answer #1: It depends. In some cases an emphasis may be placed on compliance, particularly if your center is susceptible to lawsuits or legal scrutiny or your business is based on getting people on and off the phone as quickly...

What We Can Learn from Toyota

I feel like a broken record. I continuously preach about the importance of listening to the voice of our customers. Despite the ever increasing emphasis on this subject, we still see examples almost daily on companies that have failed to do so and are paying for it miserably. Enter the following news story....

Are You Acting on the Voice of the Customer

Is your contact center among the growing number of contact centers that are listening to the voices of their customers through various feedback tools? If you answered "yes" to this question, what are you doing beyond just "listening" to your customers 'feedback? Are you taking action and fully utilizing your tools? More often than not,...

Call Centers Have a Huge Impact on Company Performance

A recent survey commissioned by Teleperformance and conducted by YouGov shed some insight into the importance that the contact center plays in the financial performance and growth of its parent company. According to the survey: 51% of people said the main reason for their dissatisfaction with a company is poor...

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