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Reverse Mentoring Gains Renewed Momentum in the Workplace

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, has been credited with helping to spread the popularity of a very helpful cross training technique called "Reverse Mentoring". Back in the '90s, he realized that GE management had much to learn about the Internet, so he mandated that top executives at the company (including himself) take on a reverse...
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You Screwed Up and it Made You Millions!

Mistakes happen. Sometimes they happen all too often. Mistakes in manufacturing, mistakes in customer service, mistakes by employees, mistakes by managers; all of these can be quite costly to any business. Of course, many mistakes are personal or local and a quick training or reminding of correct processes helps ensure that the mistake will not happen again...

Compared to the Payout the Cost is Nothing!

I watched a trucker finish filling up his gas tank the other day. I was truly astonished at the $680.00 charge for a single fill up. I had thought that the $55 to fill up my own tank was outrageous. I was shaking my head in derision at the cost when he smiled and said. "I...

Wipe Out the Illusion of Staffing Schedule Adherence

When it comes to workforce management, adherence is a tricky thing to deal with, that is for sure. For such a simple concept, there are so many theories and definitions surrounding what adherence actually is, how it should be calculated, and how it should be handled. Personally, when I am doing WFM consulting, I like...

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