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Valvoline’s Increased Service ROI Pleased Two Very Diverse Constituents — Its CFO and Its Customers

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are notoriously tough customers when it comes to approving expenditures for new initiatives. They expect to see a solid business case with a strong, defensible return on investment (ROI). When Valvoline looked into centralizing the inbound calls that its 1,300 retail locations were handling, the business case almost wrote itself. The effort was expected...

3 Ways to Provide Success When Handling Rude Customer Interactions

As I searched for ways to discipline my accident-prone, very determined, yet very sensitive and sometimes diva-like 5-year-old daughter, I had a revelation: Dealing with rude customer interactions in the contact center can be similar to this challenge. As customers get more frustrated — whether it’s a product not working correctly, not reaching resolution, or any number of...
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4 Questions Every Contact Centre Needs to Ask

Companies hold contact centres accountable for delivering a critical competitive differentiator — superior customer experience. And so do customers: In fact, 73% of consumers say customer service plays an important role in their purchase decisions.1. What Do Customers Want?Consumers want great experiences. They want interactions that are quick and easy; they want their issues resolved; and they...
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Mobile Apps and SMS Are Paying Off in the Contact Center

Mobile apps received the highest average Net Promoter Score® at 25 globally, jumping even higher for U.S. consumers at 38 according to the recent NICE inContact CX Transformation Survey. As consumers become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones for all types of interactions, businesses need to be able to support this growing and important medium – ensuring...

Most AI Chatbots Will Fail and That’s Okay!

Chat is a favorite interaction channel for customers and is increasingly offered as an option on websites and mobile apps. In our NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark, chat has the highest satisfaction of all channels with 47% of consumers saying they were very satisfied with chat, as it provides convenient, quick, and helpful service. According to WhosOn, 68%...