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Improve CSAT by Improving ASAT

Improve CSAT by Improving ASAT

Contact centers spend a lot of time and money trying to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT). And they should! CSAT drives customer loyalty and their bottom line. Some are investing in ACD routing, IVR and even speech recognition software to deliver a better customer experience. But what if I told you that you might be overlooking one of the most effective tools you have for improving CSAT?
contact center crm integration

Contact Center 101: The What and Why of CRM Integration

Sir Francis Bacon is credited with coining the phrase, “Knowledge is power.” If he were alive today, he’d make a great contact center consultant. He’d be touting about the increased knowledge your agents—and your business—gain when you integrate your contact center software with your customer relationship management (CRM).
call center manager performance

5 KPIs You Can Improve By Integrating Your Contact Center and CRM

No matter what your job is, you are measured on performance. But if you are a contact center manager, you aren’t measured solely on your own personal performance. How well your team performs—and how their performance is measured by customers—directly impacts your performance rating and potentially your compensation. So, how can you ensure that your agents...