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Are Your Service Experiences Memorable to Customers?

Does the service experience build loyalty? Are customers motivated to engage more with your company? Here are some insights from our recent webinar.Being in the Age of the Customer means customers have voice, choice and power—and they’re constantly using all three. Customers demand real-time responses from brands that they expect to proactively “know me, remember me, listen...

How do Happy Contact Center Agents Make Happy Customers

By now you probably know that consumers are demanding multichannel customer service and support from contact centers. As they increasingly use text, social, mobile and other emerging channels (in addition to the more traditional ones like voice, chat and email), they’re expecting the brands they do business with to do the same.Responding to evolving customer communications habits...

Memorable Customer Experiences: Are You Creating Them

In the current Age of the Customer, your customers have voice, choice, and power. What are you doing about it? Customers aren’t just expecting satisfying experiences from brands that recognize them—they’re demanding them. In fact, they want the brands they do business with to listen to them, understand them and solve their problems, all in real time...

3 Keys to Hiring Managing and Retaining At-Home Agents

In our recent webinar, Hiring, Managing & Retaining At-Home Agents, we heard real-life examples of businesses that either wouldn’t exist or that would be severely limited in capability and growth potential if not for incorporating at-home agents into their workforce. With cloud solutions, it’s now easy and cost-effective to seamlessly integrate at-home agents into every facet of...

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