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Love In The Workplace

OK…I admit it…I’m sort of a type A personality. In fact, it’s true of most of the great Marketeers I know. We tend to be high-powered types who live on adrenaline and deadlines. From the outside, Marketing seems like a glamour job but, for those of us on the inside, we know its elbow grease and a...

Cloud: Not Just for Mid-Market Anymore

Remember that old TV commercial for orange juice? The headline was: It Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore. Well that line has been on my mind over the last week. I did many press and analyst interviews over the last 7 days with my new friends at Verizon, announcing our partnership and their new Virtual...

inContact Unveils New WFO Partnership

As you may have noticed this morning, we announced a fantastic expanded partnership with Verint Systems Inc. We've been partners with Verint Systems for the past year, as we've been offering their award winning workforce management (WFM) solution through the inContact cloud to our customers. The partnership has made Verint's fantastic solution available to companies of all...

Have You Asked Your Customers

Regardless of the right way to do things, most organizations consider the service experience from the company's perspective and not from the customer's. This makes for an inside out approach that can be less than satisfying. At our Minneapolis Problem Solved Tour yesterday, we heard Patti DeWall from AGCO, the agricultural products giant, tell a story of...

inContact Announces Siemens Enterprise Communications Worldwide Distribution Relationship and Equity Investment

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we just announced a worldwide distribution agreement with global unified communications leader, Siemens Enterprise Communications. In addition, an affiliate of Siemens Enterprise Communications has made a strategic investment in the company. I’m thrilled to share with you some of the details of the agreement, as it underscores our undeniable...

Have You Earned Your Customers’ Trust

Customer trust is a must in today’s hyper-competitive, ultra-connected business environment and companies that lack trust will quickly lose customers to the competition. Additionally customers have more power than ever before to voice expectations and opinions through their social networks and online communities. The question is—how do companies take their customer experience to the next level to build...

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