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AI in the contact center

AI in the Contact Center - When and Where

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the contact center. Does this phrase elicit excitement or many questions? To some, AI in the Contact Center, conjures up images of chat bots or AI call center agents. While many contact centers are experimenting with chat bots, many also see the vision of infusing their entire call center...
exceptional CX

Great Customer Experience has the Power to Accelerate Growth

Markets and opportunities move fast. Great Customer Experience has the power to accelerate growth as consumers have more power than ever before. Social media accelerates the flow of information and gives everyone a voice. Technology all but makes time and place irrelevant by providing anytime, anywhere access to almost anything. If any organization is perceived as being too hard to work with, then...

Alexa How are My SLAs Doing

As a large travel management company, Omega World Travel continues to break new ground operationally and in the CX it provides to customers, thanks in large part to its move to NICE inContact and the CXone cloud-native platform. The company continues to develop innovative applications, from integrating with its proprietary reporting platform, Omegalytics, to harnessing the...
contact center

Get Your Contact Center Ready for the Modern Age

If you purchased a laptop in 2012 and compared it to one today it would be like comparing a raft to a nuclear submarine! That’s because all technology has a “shelf-life”. For many IT systems this is about seven years. This is also true for call center systems. Why does technology have an expiration...

The Problem with Doing Nothing in the Contact Center

Boston is famous for its meandering streets that seem to take the long way to where you need to go. Folklore tells of how the trails of aimlessly wandering cows were simply paved over. This may not be true, but it serves to illustrate a point. When we become complacent with inefficiencies they can become institutionalized. If you speak with any...
boost revenue

Boost Revenue in 8 Easy Steps

What can you do when revenue targets keep increasing but your budget stays the same? It’s a challenge more and more companies are facing – and many of them are looking to their contact centers for solutions. Because progressive leaders understand a new CX strategy can transform corporate culture; turn customers into advocates; and boost revenue. Focus...

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