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Making Cents of Customer Lifetime Value

Making Cents of Customer Lifetime Value

If you manage a call center or are responsible for delivering customer services, you undoubtedly have noticed a shift away from simply providing good customer service and a new-found focus for creating great customer experiences. Well, its not so much of a shift as it is a realization that customer service is a major component of, and driver for, customer experience.
Top 10 Contact Centre Challenges for Small Businesses

Top 10 Contact Centre Challenges for Small Businesses

The ‘new normal’ still feels far from normal and contact centres now need to look at building a solid foundation for a work-from-home model, one which addresses technology needs and environment specifics like security and reliability. Small businesses are now looking to best practice guides to have agents up and running in a work at home environment, as well as build agility and scale.
Call center agent analyzes contact center benchmarks to cut costs.

Hey boss! Can I please cut call center costs?

It's important to be purposeful when cutting costs. Using benchmarks can help. Use internal benchmarks to make cuts relative to past performance. Use industry benchmarks to make cuts that will put you in line with other contact centers like yours. Using both sets of benchmarks in combination may yield the best results.
Business accepts curbside pickup during Covid-19.

The Big Advantage of Being Small

It would be difficult to find a small business that has not been adversely impacted by the current pandemic. And to say that most small business have been negatively impacted is putting it mildly. Recent findings from National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) show that the three leading causes of small business decline is due to 1) lost sales, 2) disruption in supply chain and 3) disruption in workforce due to employee illness. Furthermore, nearly 70% of surveyed business say, that unaided, they do not have the financial resources to survive more than four months.