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The inContact Community is Growing

We believe one of the secrets for long-term success is creating a thriving community of customers and partners. In 2013, the inCloud partner network continues to prosper with a new partner directory and app showcase. Now the inContact web site offers a single place to turn for all customer-facing business solutions. inContact customers can browse partner apps,...

Submissions Are In For Coder Royale. Cast Your Vote!

The submissions are in and we need your vote! Three finalists have been selected to vie for the coveted title of the 2012 Coder Royale. For this annual contest, we seek input from the best-of-the-best in our developer community. They roll-up their sleeves, get creative, and help us extend the functionality of inContact’s platform with their innovations....
Percent Allocation Routing

Apps for the Contact Center

I love apps. I might even be addicted to them. My favorite is a productivity app that helps me keep track of everything going on. My son is addicted to one designed as a game, but teaches spelling and problem solving skills. I can’t get him to put it down, even to play...

Let's Get Ready to Code!

This year ICUC is in October, however it’s never too early to start preparing for one of our favorite events at our annual user conference – the Coder Royale contest! Each year we award a cash prize and trophy to the developer with the best solution. We are always amazed at the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking we...

Platform Extensibility – inCloud Developer Program

Henry Ford once said that "nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs." A few months ago, Tim Harris outlined an aggressive plan to improve & expand the inContact ecosystem and broke it down into three initial components: Developer Community New API / API management tools Marketplace Since then, our inCloud team has been working hard to make...