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Workforce Managers - Avoid "Unusually High Call Volume"

As a workforce manager, are you still caught off guard by an influx of calls? In the past, it wasn’t unusual for callers to dial into a company and hear the automated message, “Due to unusually high call volume, our wait time is greater than expected.” Struggling with this issue? It’s time to invest in a new...

Be Loved Workforce Managers

At inContact’s last user’s conference, someone said to me, "Workforce Managers are the dentists of the call center." While I am not sure that the suicide rates are the same (I hope not), I do know that the workforce manager is often an unpopular position. After all, you are the mean parent of the contact center that...

Challenge: Re-invent the Wheel

"Let’s not re-invent the wheel" is a sound suggestion, right? The message being: don’t mess with it if it works. I think the phrase is misused in that people think that there’s no room for improvement on the wheel. I would like to take the time to whole-heartedly disagree. Let’s take a journey in our imaginations...

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