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Trust - If You Build it Employee Engagement will Come

Employee Engagement has been a hot topic for a while now. Successful companies achieve great results – and provide tremendous customer service – through their engaged employees. Results are certainly well documented. I always enjoy the topic, and different ideas presented to build engagement. In my readings on engagement, two distinct thoughts stand out regarding employee engagement:...
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Coaching Challenges: Underperforming Team Members

If you’re a manager in a contact center, the topic of "performance management" or "performance improvement" is likely a topic that makes you cringe. Working through awkward conversations with woeful underperformers and providing negative feedback is something that doesn’t come naturally for most leaders, and can be a painful topic for many employees. Do you feel this is...

Sports + Contact Centers = Leadership Insight

Right now the seasons of four major professional team sports overlap – football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. (And let’s not forget collegiate athletics.) What does this have to do with contact centers? More than you might think. With people across the country rooting for their favorite teams, conversations inevitably turn to whether or not the coach made a...

Lessons in Leadership Come from Unexpected Places

You might not expect to be moving from one house to another and have an epiphany about leadership, but that’s exactly what happened to me. I just purchased a house that is right across the street from my old one. Logistically, moving was an interesting challenge. How much should we box up, or not box up? Should we...