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Using a Chat Feature to Drive Customer Contacts

Chat. A technology that’s emerging as one of the best ways to connect with your customers, is still something that is completely underutilized. Too many people are afraid to use it; whether because they’re concerned about retraining agents or having to add additional staff, or they’re worried about the cost and time to develop something, or even...

What Makes a Great CSR

Hiring quality customer service reps (or anyone, really) is a challenge. Customer service is a difficult job to excel at; and the difficulty of hiring for it is compounded by the fact that it’s generally a low paying position that’s not very appealing to many. Additionally, contact centers usually have a very high attrition rate, which means...
Call Center Agents

Importance of Managing Your Own IVR

Any premise based contact center manager KNOWS the challenges associated with managing their own IVR. Having to have a resource in IT do the work for you means that you’re on their timeframe, not your own. This means that what are seemingly simple changes could take weeks or longer. In a previous contact center job, I made a...

Using Dispositions to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Dispositions – agents hate them, managers love them, but it’s the rare contact center professional who actually uses them intelligently. For too many contact centers, dispositions are just another check box, and another report to glance at on your weekly staff meeting. However, the contact center manager who does a good job of not only ensuring quality,...

Creating Metrics that Matter to You

One of the questions that I get most in regards to metrics in my role as a Customer Success Manager is, "What are the industry standards"? Often times, the response I most want to give them is, "Why does that matter?" Too many times, contact centers try to fit their contact center into a mold of what they...