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Learning from Others - Highlights from Customer Contact Week

I’ve just returned from Las Vegas where I attended my first visit ever to Customer Contact Week – it’s the world’s largest customer contact event, in its 20th year. For the uninitiated, CCW is like those popular comic book fan conventions – except, instead of comic books, the hero is THE customer. It’s all about customer service...

Self-Service Strategies for Elevating CX at Your Contact Centre

Have you ever visited one of those palatial buffet restaurants with dozens of assorted fresh dishes in self-serve stations, with the crowds and people walking (seemingly) aimlessly with their plates in search of the pasta or the dessert cart? Raise your hand if you appreciate a good buffet — I certainly do! Classic Trap Like lots of fellow foodies, I sometimes have...
quality monitoring

What Is Call Quality Monitoring

“This call may be used for quality or training purposes…” Have you ever wondered about that notification when you call a business? While it’s easy to disregard, it reveals a common business practice: Call Quality Monitoring – a practice contact centers use to review and evaluate the quality of their agents’ interactions with customers. While call monitoring may be performed live at times, it isn’t feasible when there are large volumes of calls. For this reason,...
auto attendant

What Is an Auto Attendant

Chances are good that you encounter Auto Attendants almost daily. They are easy to recognize: For this, press 1. For that, press 2…. If you have ever called a business and been presented with choices without the intervention of a receptionist, then you have “met” an Auto Attendant. Businesses of all types and sizes use virtual receptionists to route their customer’s calls based on a menu selection.   “Please listen closely, as our menu options have recently changed…”   Auto Attendants are like a virtual switchboard, often replacing the need for a dedicated...
move to cloud

Improve Experience at a Reduced Cost - Move to Cloud

The modern contact centre is evolving. Studies show that the “best-in-class” are optimizing their services and data flows to empower their contact centre agents with relevant information and proactively manage their customer journeys. How do they do it?Many companies are looking to the cloud to get them there. Today, almost one in two contact centres are currently...
training call center agents

6 Tips for Training Call Center Agents

Agents are a contact center’s most valuable resource; ultimately, they drive the satisfaction and the experience of customers they interact with. However, they are also the most expensive resource – typically, 60 to 70% of an operation’s total expenses. When it comes to managing their most valuable (and most expensive) resource, contact centers spend considerable time and...

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