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Why Social Media is a Disrupter for Call Centers

Social media is a phenomenon that has literally changed our lives. Today, I would like to make the case for why social media is more of a disruptive to call centers, than you may at first believe. Call centers at the core are massive routing systems. We route phone calls, emails, tickets, SMS, and...

Rules to Live By...

On CBS’s wildly popular television series NCIS, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (portrayed by Mark Harmon) leads the NCIS Major Case Response Team. As an ex-marine sniper with a distinguished career, Gibbs has a series of "rules" that he lives his life by and often takes the opportunity to teach his team to follow the same rules....

Changing Gears

It is with mixed emotions that I annouce that I am leaving the inContact Professional Services team to join inContact’s Product and Strategy organization. (Don't worry, I'm still very much a part of this company.) I have been working in the PS department basically since its inception and I have truly enjoyed working directly with our clients...

Great Things Afoot at Google

Google just recently had their Google I/O conference on May 10-11, 2011. I watched what I could from my office here in Salt Lake since Google was kind enough to stream it. I do wish that included the limited edition Galaxy Tab (10.1 running Android 3.0) that was given to all 5,000 attendees. The...

Developing Software

I am proud to admit that I have been developing software for nearly 15 years. I was geek before being a geek was cool (and being a geek made you very rich, but I am still working on that one). All but a few of my dev years have been spent working directly with contact centers. It...

Coder Royale 2010

This year at ICUC, inContact was proud to host the Second Annual Coder Royale competition. The Coder Royale is an opportunity to show how incredibly versatile our platform can be, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for inContact to see the talents of our customers. This year’s challenge was: Use our platform and any...

The Power of Integration

In the world I work in every day, the word "integration" usually stands for some piece of software that will communicate between inContact’s platform and some other system. These systems are typically CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), but we have integrated with applications of every type. One of inContact’s biggest strengths is our development environment known as...

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