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CES in the Contact Center

No, I am not talking about the Consumer Electronics Show. I would like to take a moment and talk about Customer Satisfaction. How many of you measure Top Box, Net-Promoter Score, or First Call Resolution? There is no single way to measure customer satisfaction, but I would like to take a moment and talk about CES. What is CES? Customer...

Coaching to behavior not a number....

How many of you look at your teams performance and realize it has to improve? You immediately start taking action and telling your team, they must hit 90% Customer Satisfaction by end of week, or need to reduct AHT by 30 seconds by end of month. How effective has this approach been? Some of the Supervisors immediately...

Need Performance Improvement Start with Recruiting!

Having great processes in place are not the only place to begin to have great results in your contact center. You have to have the proper recruiting and training staff to ensure your employees hit the gates running. Often you see job postings that are very generic, such as "GED or High School Diploma" and "must have prior...
stack of money

How the Cloud Helps BPOs Reduce Costs

Back in my Call Center Management Days, I remember waiting days, sometimes weeks for my IT Department to provide me with logins for my new employees. My billing model was as such that I got paid from my client for every minute my agent was on the phone talking to a customer. As you can see, having my...

New ways to help Employee Absenteeism Tardiness and Attrition

Employee attendance and turnover is a continual problem. Many companies are reporting annual turnover above 300 percent, while the costs to hire and train a new employee range from $5,000 to $15,000. We have all experienced the trend, employees starting with tardiness, then absenteeism, soon after they are no longer with the company. What different methods have...

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