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How Powerful CRM Can Help You Delight Customers

The last couple years have seen an important turning point for customer service and customer experience. Think about it: we've witnessed vast improvements in digital customer service technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and live chat, both of which are certain to continue evolving. Many companies recognized the importance of digital customer service and CX as key differentiators. 89%...
Customer Service

How to Get Your Social Care Agents Obsessed with Service

"Why is that aircraft in San Salvador?" A customer posted the message along with a photo of the plane's tail number on JetBlue's Facebook page. It might seem like a trivial question, but the social care agent who responded knew it was important to the customer. There are aviation enthusiasts whose hobby is vicariously traveling around the globe by tracking an airline's fleet of...
customer service workflow

4 Steps to a Streamlined Digital Customer Service Workflow

Agility and ease are key concepts in digital customer service, regardless of your industry or the size of your business. We recently collaborated with T-Mobile, one of our clients, to learn more about how they offer better, more efficient digital customer service. Here's what we found out. T-Mobile was facing a commoditized market and needed to differentiate beyond price...
digital customer service

5 Steps to Digital Customer Service Innovation

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So I've been thinking: is it possible to sum up all the knowledge of the world's pioneers of innovative digital customer service into one quick and easy step that any brand can take? Well, the short answer is no. But by looking at examples from companies...
Social Customer Service

How to Inspire Trust in Online Customers

At one time or another, everyone buys something on the internet. For some it’s a 2:30 am purchase of a waterproof radio that sticks to the shower wall, and for others it’s a simple pair of pants. The point is, everyone does it, and everyone remembers their first time. If you’re like me, you approached your first...
social media integration

How to Integrate Social Media in the Contact Center

It’s impossible to deny the critical role social media plays in business strategy. Although social media is now widely accepted as a marketing channel, brands still grapple with the best way to leverage its full potential for customer service. ICMI research indicates that more than two-thirds of contact center leaders believe social media customer service is important, yet only 41% of contact...
social customer service

Why Twitter Is an Ideal Social Customer Service Channel

A company without Twitter for social customer service is like a bird without wings. Or maybe a bird with wings but no feathers. The point is, Twitter is an ideal social customer service channel, and companies that aren’t using it—and using it well—are missing out, not only on ways to take great care of customers, but to grow...